News and Visual Journalism Supervisor Evaluation Form

Intern Evaluation Form

As part of the internship program in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, we ask each professional supervisor to evaluate the intern's performance. The internship is graded either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, and your evaluation will help determine the grade.

The information you give us on this form is confidential; However, we generally share the tone of the evaluation with the student. If you wish to write us a confidential note in addition to the evaluation, please feel free to do so.

The "comments" section at the end is especially important because it will help us prepare future interns.

Please rank the intern from 1 (not acceptable) to 5 (excellent) in each of the areas listed. Choose not applicable if it is not applicable. If you wish to remove one of the multiple choice answers, click the reset button at the end of the form (this removes all of the form's answers).


Last Name First Name

Name of Evaluator
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Student you are evaluating

Date of Internship

A. Performance

1. The student demonstrated an understanding of the work to be performed.

2. The student understood how to operate necessary equipment or learned within an acceptable time.

3. The student was punctual in his/her arrival at work and assigned duties.

4. The student’s demeanor, conduct and dress were appropriate.

5. Contacts with other employees and non-employees were handled in a professional manner.


1. The student showed an acceptable command of spelling, grammar, and punctuation in his/her writing.

2. The student’s writing skills were equal to the demands of the assignments.

3.The student’s editing skills were equal to the demands of the assignments.

4.The student demonstrated good problem solving skills.

5. The student demonstrated good production skills.

6. The student demonstrated an acceptable understanding of job requirements.

7. The student consistently met deadlines.

8.The student budgeted time effectively in handling assignments.




Other Comments